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M.I.S.S. February 2009: “For The Love of Sneaker-Heels”

Love them or hate them. The sneaker heel has seen it’s comeback in recent years. We know there are those that wish they would go back and never come back but if done proper they’re kinda cute, right? We here at M.I.S.S. love kicks but we also LOVE LOVE LOVE Heels . . . and the higher the better! So the sneaker-heel is almost a match made in heaven. With that (hopefully!) “romantic” holiday right around the corner we thought we’d dress up M.I.S.S. February a bit. As sexy as ya wanna be and with a mani that will certainly get you noticed, make your guy or gal a weak link in your chain this Valentine’s Day.

You can download the M.I.S.S. February 2009 Calender here and the Desktop here

Sneaker Heels by DKNY (2007), Lace Thigh-Hi’s by Silvia Grandi, OPI “My Private Jet” and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear in “Purple Potion”

You can download the M.I.S.S. January 2009 Calendar here and the Desktop here.

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3 Responses to “M.I.S.S. February 2009: “For The Love of Sneaker-Heels””

  1. ladylexx ladylexx says:

    Leave it to GDK & BLB to make me stop hatin’ on something I’ve always cringed over. These sneaker heels are actually cute! I love the 90s rave/freestyle feel to the image too! Cue the Angelique!

  2. Amonee says:

    Was never a big fan of the sneaker heel but this I actually like!!

  3. M.Editrix M.I.S.S. Michelle says:

    I heart this so much!! Ouch, so cute it hurts! Buth that’s what they say about love, right…


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