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Louboutin World: Louboutin’s Newly Designed Site

Follow the red soled heels to Louboutin’s World! The recent redesign to Christian Louboutin‘s site takes you on a journey through his life and times and of course…his drool worthy designs. Mr. L is portrayed as the “Magician” he is. A pair of blood red patent heels, named “Lynch” help you navigate the site…and if you sit too long, those heels do start-a-tapping! The “Lynch” is a pair designed for the Fetish Exhibition shot by David Lynch. This particular pair has a 14cm curve or in shoe maker terminology this would be called a “short coupled last”. This would pitch you so far forward that it would be best that whatever activities you are doing whilst wearing said shoes would be best that you weren’t on your feet 😉

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