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Logan Hicks – New Site and HDR Photography Amazingness

Death Is In The Air, Logan Hicks

I’ve been a long-time fan of Logan Hicks so when I heard he revamped his website – I immediately checked it out.  He’s integrated his blog and online shop where you can find art, prints, photographs, clothing & accessories.   Hicks always uses his photographs as a basis for creating his stencils, but today was the first time I had seen his photos on their own.  Upon first glance, his photos look surreal and keep you wondering whether they’re photos, paintings or stencils. 

Tenement, Logan Hicks

Logan hicks designs his unique photos as a product of a technique called HDR, or High Dynamic Range Photography, where the same subject is shot at different exposures – normal, under exposed, and over exposed.  The three photos are layered and result in luminosity that is eerie, yet very beautiful.  Logan Hick’s photos are gorgeous and you can see the stencil waiting to be born from them.  Check out the shop, the photos and more at If you want to learn more about Logan, his work and his process, check out the clip below from The Run Up.

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