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Life 2.0 by OHW2007: Men In Their 20’s

Dear OHW2007,
When dating around 20 to 24, are the majority of men looking to date just for fun or do they secretly date for long term?

The Jerk:
To put it simply, some heads are looking for quality, some heads are looking for quantity. Just depends on the guy. Some guys want to poke everything that moves and others are serial monogamists. That being said, no dude in his right mind would be getting hitched or actively thinking about getting hitched before twenty-five. I’m not saying that long term dating is out of the question, but relationships in the early 20’s tend to be of the day by day, week by week, or month by month quality. Let’s be honest, most heads are thinking about themselves in their early 20’s. They are setting priorities like getting fucking wasted, humping, paying rent, humping, eating, getting even more wasted, sleeping, humping, working, or just trying to figure out who they really are after humping. I suspect that most girls are in the same boat, without the excessive desire to hump everything that moves. I figure the early 20’s are about getting to know yourself and the world around you, not settling down. Doesn’t make too much sense to close your options until you know what your own deal is.

Oh, if you’re married in your early 20’s and reading this, please disregard everything I just said. Je suis malade.

The Professional:
I would say the majority of men in their early twenties are focused on their careers, education, or self-development. Of course, all humans are looking for some form of companionship, which might be in the form of a one-night stand or a long term relationship. If you want to know the truth, the simplest course would be to ask your man (or love interest) what he is looking for. Most people are honest enough to tell you whether they are looking for a long term or short term relationship. Also remember, if you feel your guy is not being up front with you, take that as a sign of a fear of commitment or simply shady character. In addition, context and alcohol will always play a factor. When you are looking for honesty, avoid asking deep relationship questions anytime near last call.

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