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Goodbye Rain Boots, Hello Shuella!

The worst days are the ones where there is severe weather. You are left with the decision to either:  a) risk ruining your favorite pair of shoes; or b), put on those rain boots that never match your outfit.  For the most part you probably make the decision to just wear your favorite shoes and by the end of the night you realize those babies are damaged.

Those days are now over!  Designer Rebecca Miller from Chicago has created Shuella, an umbrella for your shoes.  It’s a stylish footwear protector available in colors pink, yellow, green and black.  Designed for convenience, fashion, and showery weather, Shuella allows women to wear their heels even while in the rain.

Included with Shuella’s is a cloth to rid excess water that may be left on your shoes umbrella as well as a pouch to place your trendy helper back into.

Shuella’s are durable with a slip free sole, and also effortless to put on.  When your brella is no longer needed you can place it back into your handbag until your next weather emergency.

Available in sizes 5-11, Shuella can be worn over any size heel. So what are you waiting for, April showers?? Do your Jimmy Choo’s a favor a get them some shoebrella-ella -ella now!

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2 Responses to “Goodbye Rain Boots, Hello Shuella!”

  1. Gabriella GDK says:

    I think I might need these.

  2. How nice! I like the pink.


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