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Behind the Scenes with Tiffany’s Company: Paloma Picasso

“My jewelry is about a joy for life and a timeless beauty that transcends fashion.”– Paloma Picasso

Although she bears her legendary father’s last name, Paloma Picasso has created a name for herself in the fashion world.  The longtime Tiffany & Co. designer, known for her bold use of color, developed numerous collections for the renowned jeweler and now shares her latest designs in an exclusive video. In her interview, Paloma explains that her artist parents influenced the way she sees the world, giving her the inspiration to create artistic jewelry not just for decoration, but for timeless expression. Her design career has flourished from beading flea market finds as a teen to designing women’s jewelry, men’s pieces, and home accessories.  Paloma Picasso is more than just a designer- she is a true artist whose work will be passed on for generations, proving that she is indeed her father’s daughter.

Watch Paloma Picasso’s behind the scenes video here to learn more about her design inspirations and creative processes.

Read the rest of the story for information on pieces from her newest collections.

Paloma Picasso’s current collections gather inspiration from her travels, from the earth, and from love.  Zellige, a line inspired from the geometric form of Moroccan tile, and Calife, a collection of intermixed rings and bracelets that stack like a turban, showcase her ability to transform beauty in the world into pieces that can be worn and cherished.  Sugar Stacks, Colored Stones, and Hammered Metal incorporate colorful precious stones and metals that she says are “earth’s miracles.”  While her collections Crown of Hearts, Modern Heart, Loving Heart, and Tenderness all use the classic image of the heart to express love, she references back to her childhood to convey love through X’s and O’s in a more subtle, yet modern way in her Graffiti line.  Whatever inspiration, materials, or images she uses, Paloma Picasso’s creations are ones that can be loved by many.


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