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Would You Rock It?: Ripped Tights

Elle Magazine featuring Courtney Love in ripped tights

Elle Magazine featuring Courtney Love in ripped tights

It looks like 2009 is the new 1992. As we know, Grunge is back and it seems like the ripped tights trend is taking over our streets. Taylor Momsen (Gossip Girl), Miley Cyrus, and Shenae Grimes (90210) were the latest pop tarts seen rocking this look, but I don’t think anybody could do it the way Courtney, Miss Love if you’re nasty, does it on this month’s Elle UK. Work it girl!
Celebrities follow after ripped tights trend

Celebrities follow after ripped tights trend

So, what I want to know is . . . would you wear ripped tights?  Fill out the survey and/or leave a comment!

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8 Responses to “Would You Rock It?: Ripped Tights”

  1. L says:

    One time when I was about 7 or 8 years old my mom freaked out because I got a big rip in my brand new tights. Ever since then ripped tights have been a weakness of mine, regardless of whether or not they were in fashion. On the other hand, when the rips are obviously intentional (i.e. not of natural causes), it looks ridiculous and lame.

  2. i actually came across others taking it to the next level and using ripped tights for sleeves. http://www.fashiontoast.com/ peep the post from jan 25th. i guess others can pull it off, but i’d look ridiculous.

  3. UBRINGMEJOI says:

    naw! i havent gotten into the tights phase yet but if i do i’ll take my time putting them on for sure

  4. D. says:

    I like the way Courtney does it. Everyone else’s seems very thought out..I’m not going to pay for ripped tights, mines occur naturally..but please doc martens with ripped tights?! Nuh-uh.

  5. Niesh Money says:

    haha mainly because all my tights have ladders and because i love dm’s!! my patent ones are my faves <3

    i want white 3/4 one too!

    not too keen on the flannel shirt idea tho…xx

  6. leenbean says:

    this look is great! i love how people can think of diff ways to pull of a look!

  7. charlotte says:

    If The Tights are BLACK and OPAQUE..then yes, i Shred them..make holes in them..pull and ladder them..sissor slash them..ciggarete burns..sandpaper drag them..cheese grater treatment ..even pour a very stong undiluted Bleach on them which almost destroys them if youre not careful…got most of these tips from school..so school opaque Black Tights dont last me more than 1 week!!

  8. darren says:

    I have been wearing pantyhose all my life i currently wear M and S sheer to waist ladder resist tights 10 denier a dream to wear I’m wearing them right now as i type this can’t help but feel my legs i would never treat my tights in this way


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