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Rumors: Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry

Rumors: Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry

Rumors: Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry

Amy Winehouse made a splash on the fashion scene as she teeter-tottered on heels with her trademark oversize eyeliner and hair, and sailor-esque tattoos.  The hair’s been chopped off and let’s face it, we’ve all seen the pictures lately – Amy has seen better days, but it seems like Ms. Winehouse’s star is once again on the rise.  Word on the street is that she’s going to design a line for Fred Perry.  I have to say I wasn’t all that surprised when I heard the rumors.  The British brand has long been affiliated with musical subcultures, most notably the mods (for a quick run down just watch Quadrophenia), so it makes sense that they would team up with one of the most iconic living British musical figures alive right now.  I hope this project comes to pass – it may be just what Amy needs to get out of her rut.  I’ve been wondering if we’d hear any new music from her and this may be enough to get her back on the scene.  I hope so!  I also would love to see what she comes up with – I love her style so it would be interesting to see Fred Perry get the Winehouse twist.

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One Response to “Rumors: Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry”

  1. Niesh Money says:

    fred oerry is one of my fav designers and amy is one of my fave singers, this’d be a dream come true! xxx


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