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My Two Cents: The Standard Hotels’ “Standard High” Calendar

The Standard Hotels’ “Standard High” Calendar

The Standard Hotels’ “Standard High” Calendar

We’re not the only ones taking the calendar game seriously.  To coincide with the launch of its newest location in NYC, the Standard Hotel has released the Standard High 2009 Calendar, featuring staff from several of its locations.  The calendar has a high school theme and features all the usual suspects like the jocks, the bullies, the heartthrob and the cheerleaders.  The calendar was shot by Michael Elinsshot, who has worked with the likes of Rolling Stone, Time and Vanity Fair.

Accompanying the calendar is a video montage of the staff in the calendar in action, set to the tunes of Jeremy Jay. The Standard is one of my favorite hotels and this calendar is true to their aesthetic and off-kilter vibe. They’ve done a clever job of letting you bring a bit of the hotel home with you. Read the full story to see The Nerd, The Prom Queen, The Stoner and The Activist. The calendar sells online for only $20 and is limited to an edition of 500 copies. Is this the new Pirelli Calendar? Maybe not, but I can see it being something people would be into collecting.

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