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My Two Cents: Kanye West’s Women’s Louis Vuitton Sneakers – Girls Above Age 10 Don’t Want Pink Sneakers

Kanye West's Women's Louis Vuitton Sneakers

Kanye West's Women's Louis Vuitton Sneakers

There’s been much ado (about nothing) when it comes to Kanye West‘s designs for Louis Vuitton.  The internet has had loads of pictures of his red and white styles for men.  Today, Kanye posted some pictures of his styles for the ladies.  Not surprisingly, both of the women’s styles feature pink.  It’s the typical male’s response to designing kicks for women.  “Hmmmm,  it’s for girls, so let’s make it pink.” What did that take? 5 seconds?  I really wish people would put a bit more time into thinking about what women over the age of 10 wear.  I can’t remember the last time I wore pink – especially on my feet!

Kanye Wests Womens Louis Vuitton Sneakers

“Pink for girls” is a social construct that we use to ingrain girls at a very young age what it means to be a “girl” (and it’s just as bad as the “blue for boys” – what if you’re a girl and you like blue – what does that make you??). Colors carry lots of meaning and pink is no exception. Pink is symbolic of childish innocence, flirtatiousness, femininity, sexual purity and love. Making something pink to make it feminine is a cop out. There are lots of other ways to convey femininity than to make something pink. It’s such an on the surface way of approaching women’s design that it’s insulting to my intelligence. I suppose our hair, breasts, curves and other feminine attributes don’t do enough to convey our womanliness – we need pink shoes to convey that.

Kanye Wests Womens Louis Vuitton Sneakers

If this sounds like a rant, then you’re very perceptive. It is. There’s more where this came from – just keep on bringing the stupid pink shoes for women.

P.S. Mr. West, you can use a lesson in humility. And, if I worked for LV, I’d take your deal away just for having that Goyard brief case in your video promoting LV . . . just my two cents. Watch the offending video after the jump.

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13 Responses to “My Two Cents: Kanye West’s Women’s Louis Vuitton Sneakers – Girls Above Age 10 Don’t Want Pink Sneakers”

  1. SoulCHK says:

    i dont find them intruiging.

  2. UBRINGMEJOI says:

    these are whack! he is trying to hard… and i would not buy these for my children even if i had it like that!

  3. feeeeen says:

    i want to throw up at the video.

  4. Magdalene Ayuk Retromusik says:

    I feel you on this one. I really like how you drew on Kanye’s lack of creativity (no offense to him, I do respect him as an artist) to give us a commentary on society. Actually, when I was younger, I decided that my favorite color would be black as an act of rebellion. Against what? Society. lol I don’t think that I thought that deeply when I was younger but I do know that I did not want to be perceived as a pink loving girly girl, so I opted for the not-really-a-color-black;)

  5. BLB BLB says:

    REALLY?!??!! LIke Really….Dear Louis Vuitton, You need to let me design you some real kicks. xoxo, BLB

  6. Teddy says:

    I agree that it would’ve been nice if Kanye had designed a pair for girls that’s not pink, but you can’t say that his thought process was as simple as ““Hmmmm, it’s for girls, so let’s make it pink.” He’s been quoted as saying that “when he was a child [he] thought the color pink was cool” ( This combined with the fact that his high top men’s LV shoes also have a pink sole ( makes it pretty clear that he just likes the color pink. You can hate his design, but don’t make assumptions that his reasoning is as shallow as you make it out to be.

  7. Teddy says:

    The entirety of the quote about his affinity for pink is: “West compared the situation to when he was a child and thought the color pink was cool until someone told him “it was gay”. He went on to state how the views of society can rob people of their confidence and self-esteem” ( So, it seems pretty clear that Kanye has put some thought into the way society (adversely) influences our views.

  8. Sistargirl Sistargirl says:

    UGH! can we say nasty? Great work on tying the shoes with the social construct of gender and gender norms. I once read in a book [M. Butterfly], about how a man knows best about how a woman should act [if anything they can be the most ladylike] since it is the men who created these norms and rules. keep it up mamas!

  9. “P.S. Mr. West, you can use a lesson in humility. And, if I worked for LV, I’d take your deal away just for having that Goyard brief case in your video promoting LV” Amen.

  10. A$TNMNQ says:

    okay, so you wrote exactly what I was thinking when i saw these on his blog.. and it made me think about how I and ladies in general are usually forced to buy most sneakers from the guys side of the store in their smallest side available , but society has engrained that men should never go to look at the women’s side. just like on the ladder of power; girls can move up and be considered “tomboys” but boys are seen as “sissys” if they move down.. saying that women are a downgrade – whack.

  11. Nasia says:

    its so amazing how i feel about kanye west. he is so arrogant with no absolute reasoning. i love his music mostly but hate him with a passion. And its just icing on the cake that his shoes arent as fabulous as he thinks he is.

  12. KANYE KICKS ASS! says:

    Ya’ll bitches are ridiculous! First of all, if you know about fashion, true high end fashion, you’d realize they are all artists and support and influence one another so who cares if he rocks Goyard with Louis Vuitton! And second, he isn’t arrogrant, and if he is, who gives a fuck cus he’s doing amazing things and has every right to be “arrogant.” And its more that he’s confident, why would you shoot people down for being confident! Shoot people down for NOT being confident! And the shoes… I ain’t rich but i am definitely dropping the $600 to support him and marc jacobs!

  13. Gabriella GDK says:

    Hi Kanye Kicks Ass,
    Thanks for writing. I’m glad you came here to share your opinion – we like to hear what people think. Just don’t refer to women on our site as bitches.


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