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Merci! M.I.S.S. Thanks Obey!

M.I.S.S. Thanks Obey for faux leather jacket.

M.I.S.S. Thanks Obey for faux leather jacket.

A while back when I wrote about the launch of the new Obey site, I gushed about how I needed the faux leather jacket with leopard fur-lined hoodie in my life. The people at Obey agreed and were kind enough to send me one – and I’ve been wearing it since.  The jacket is perfect for winter in California.  It’s faux leather so I don’t have to worry about rain ruining the leather and it’s the perfect weight and keeps me really warm.  My favorite part of course is the faux fur-lined hoodie – it’s so comfy, keeps me cozy and looks great.  I also got a tee so read the full story to check out the rest of the pictures.  If you want to get one of your own, you can get it here.

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One Response to “Merci! M.I.S.S. Thanks Obey!”

  1. CharlotteB says:

    I’m wearing that caot since last fall and I love it! For the Netherlands (where I’m from btw) is it a little bit too cold, but I dont care.
    I scored the sample version cause my intern is at the Dutch distribution from Obey

    My love for Obey will last for ever….

    – C.B.


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