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Louis, Louis: Break A Sweat – Stephen Sprouse Gym Set!

Stephen Sprouse Gym Set!

Stephen Sprouse Gym Set!

O-M-G.  Last year I posted about the Louis Vuitton Damier Azur gym set that featured a gym towel, wristbands and headband.  I love when luxury brands produce atypical products and I thought the set would be the answer to get me to the gym.  It wasn’t.  I couldn’t bring myself to spend over $300 for a towel and wrist/head bands – just to sweat on them.  Today, I was looking at more sneak peeks of the Stephen Sprouse collection and I stumbled upon this set.  What would be better for dabbing your forehead after bustin’ a move?  Haha.  Yes, it’s still over priced but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream right?


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