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Life 2.0 by OHW2007 – Online Dating

Life 2.0 by OHW2007 – Online Dating

Life 2.0 by OHW2007 – Online Dating

Dear OHW2007,
I just joined Yahoo personals . . . Shhhh!!! Don’t tell anybody. It’s still kinda embarrassing. ;-p So on the site there is this icebreaker feature to send to someone you come across that you “like.” Should I be using this feature or is it unladylike and desperate? If it’s not desperate enough to be online dating . . . mostly, I’m just bored.

The Professional: Relax, there is no need to be embarrassed. If you are in the working world, finding time to date or even meet people can be very difficult and, at points, frustrating. I am always amazed at my single friends and how they find time to meet new people while holding down full-time working schedules. In this busy world we live in, there is nothing wrong with using the efficiencies of technology to help you through the vicious and time consuming world of dating. Regarding the “ice breaker” feature, I suggest you use it sparingly and only when you truly believe the recipient is a cut above the rest. In order to meet Mr./Mrs. Right, you’ll need to put yourself out there to a certain extent. Don’t worry, mingle, mingle, mingle. Just one thing though, on-line flirting is still flirting and aggressive flirting could suggest that you are more interested in “short term” aspirations than a long term relationship.

The Jerk: Don’t kid yourself, everyone using an online dating service is desperate. You know it, the other users know it, and those not using it know it too. Everyone who dates online is trying to bump the nasties without putting in any work like brushing their teeth, putting clean underwear on or having to leave their house. Perfect. Shit, trying to get your pick-up on while your sitting on your couch in dirty sweat pants sounds like a good idea to me. Have fun, go to all the sites, click all the buttons, talk to all the people. You go girl. Oh, just watch out for dudes with the whole perv or pedophile look (you know, the tight nut-hugger jeans and mustache look – applies to men and women). Sketchy.

And one last thing ladies, please make sure your on-line profile and picture are accurate representation of who you are. I’ve heard a few stories a little too similar to Smokey’s date with the girl who said she looked like “Janet Jackson.” Sketchy. Remember, honesty is always the best policy.

If you have question that you want answered by OHW2007, please send it to miss@misscrew.com – all info is kept confidential and questions authors are not posted.

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