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I’m Just Sayin’: Madonna Please Put Your Choo-Cha Away

Madonna for Louis Vuitton campaign

Madonna for Louis Vuitton campaign

Last month I gave you “My Two Cents” about the Madonna for Louis Vuitton campaign.  Guess what?  I have more “cents.”  Did you honestly think I would see the picture above and NOT have something to say?  In my first post, I was over Madonna in leotards.  Now, not only am I over Madonna in leotards, I am over crotch shots.  It’s so vulgar.  Why does one of the most iconic luxury brands need a money shot to sell its product?  I didn’t get her as a choice for a model, and I do not get this photo.  Madonna please stop.  I want to remember you in all of your Everybody, Borderline and Holiday glory.  You’ve gotten older.  Please age gracefully.  Madonna, please put your choo-cha away . . . I’m just sayin’.

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These pictures are not so bad.  I will admit, I need this bag:

Madonna for Louis Vuitton campaign

Madonna for Louis Vuitton campaign

Madonna for Louis Vuitton campaign

Madonna for Louis Vuitton campaign

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4 Responses to “I’m Just Sayin’: Madonna Please Put Your Choo-Cha Away”

  1. it’s just wrong… no one wants to see a crotch shot, much less a crotch shot of an old crotch. i can’t believe LV is okay with this. i guess this shows that LV isn’t that much of a luxury brand after all. i for one am totally over LV. EXCEPT for the latest collabo. this whole madonna fiasco is just another reason for me to keep my head high & leave LV behind.

  2. Tart says:

    My cousin taught me the law of Madonna via the Girlie Show tour. God how I miss those days. It doesn’t matter who it is – when you get to a certain age you just have to swallow a Reality Pill and start choosing to use a little tact.

    Even though I find LV relatively unappealling bag wise, this sort of sums up a very distinct stench of tack-o-rama and it’s not the pretty kind. BRING BACK THE PRETTIER DAYS!

  3. Miriam says:

    Jennifer Farris, I admire your intellect! I even don`t want to start telling how gross and puke that looks seeing the old pervert trashy woman (that she always was and remained in psite of the fact she sang many songs and became very famous) is holding the bag straight to her wide hideous vagina (we can only guess how many men were inside of it…) LV was always something very pretentious and de luxe- class brand and where it has rolled down??? I think she is not just gave LV image of gross, prostituge trademark, it associates now with the Chinese produced $1 cheap market stuff;) And what is the stupid pose, the whore hardly can sit steady in there jackass panties;D Oy vey, i forgot that she is even not the young slut…I refuse to pay my money for LV ever! The high name brand has to support his level by all means and not shooting some famous tramps

  4. Gabriella GDK says:

    Ladies, ladies. Let’s be nice. It’s one thing to comment on the pictures and aging, it’s another to go around calling women sluts and tramps. Those are terms that are meant to put down women, and as such, I can’t stand by them. There are no correlative terms for men because it’s “ok” (in society’s eyes) for men to have multiple partners. I respect everything Madonna has done in her career, especially pushing boundaries of female sexuality. It’s because of women like her that people aren’t calling us tramps or sluts for having sex before marriage, multiple partners, etc. My point was merely that I would like to remember her as she was in her glory days, and maybe stop wearing the leotards :)


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