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Doll Faced: Stila Hearts Barbie, Barbie Hearts Stila

Stila Cosmetics x Barbie

Stila Cosmetics x Barbie

The ultimate in getting girly! Stila Cosmetics teams up with America’s Beauty, Barbie for a collection of cosmetics set to drop this Spring. WWD reports that Stila will not only produce this collection but will be the cosmetics sponsor for Mattel’s first Barbie runway show during NY Fashion week next month. Here’s more on the launch:

The inaugural, limited edition line will make its debut exclusively at Sephora next month. It will be available at Sephora’s Fifth Avenue store in New York, international Sephora locations and at only. The collection features four Decades of Beauty cans, each $40, with a booklet inside describing the beauty and fashion wardrobes for each doll. The first, #1 Ponytail Doll, celebrates the first Barbie, launched in 1959. It includes a red lipstick called Ponytail, a liquid eyeliner and a three-pan paper-wrapped compact with two eye shadows and a cheek color. Malibu Barbie, which highlights the doll of the same name that launched in 1971, has a pale pink Lip Glaze called Malibu, a black mascara and a compact with two eye shadows and a bronzer. Foxy Doll, which depicts the African-American Barbie launched in 1980, includes a Lip Glaze called Foxy, mascara and a compact with two eye shadows and a cheek color. The final offering, Jewel Doll, is based on the 2000 Barbie of the same name and includes a bright pink Lip Glaze called Jewel, a Multi-Effect Mascara and a compact with two eye shadows and a cheek color.

Hopefully this collection will follow the success of the MAC x Barbie collection form 2007, which reportedly generated more than $9 million in retail sales. I wish the resale value of Barbies fetched the same, as I’m selling off my extensive collection in hope to trade-up for big girl toys!


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