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DG Water Project – Ladies, Your Help Is Needed!

DG Water Project

DG Water Project

This week, Digital Gravel debuted The Water Project, a charity fundraising drive to raise $14,000 to buy a clean water PlayPump for a village in Africa.

The DG Water Project is our first full-fledged charity project. We have teamed up with 10 of your favorite brands who have all donated their time and skills to create a limited edition set of tees. This collection will only be printed on 24 men’s tees, 12 women’s tees and 24 hooded sweatshirts. All proceeds from the sale of these items will go towards building a clean water playpump in Africa which can easily deliver clean water to a village of 2,500 people for 10 years. Please help us support this great cause! For more information on playpumps please visit,

If you visit the site, you will see that many of the designs, from brands like The Hundreds, Staple Design, Nonsense, and 3Sixteen are sold out for men, but there are still some tees available for the ladies. So there is still an opportunity to pitch in, and help them reach their goal of $14,000. In the meantime, you also get a limited edition t-shirt that by simply sporting, you can help spread awareness to the cause of simply and easily providing clean water to people in need in impoverished areas of Africa, by doing something as simple as building playgrounds for children.

After the jump, check out the remaining designs that still have stock in women’s sizes. Click on them to go directly to the site for purchase.

‘DG Water Project x 3sixteen’ t-shirt

‘DG Water Project x ABCNT’ t-shirt

‘DG Water Project x Foreign Family’ t-shirt

DG Water Project x GRTR THN’ t-shirt

‘DG Water Project x Hoodman’ t-shirt

‘DG Water Project x Nonsense’ t-shirt

‘DG Water Project x Selector’ t-shirt

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    Word… I recently watched the documentary “Flow” if you haven’t already seen it i highly recommend it


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