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Agent Provocateur Presents: “Love Me Tender . . . Or Else”

Agent Provocateur always does a great job at bringing their collections to life through their ad campaigns and they recently made a Valentine’s Day “PSA.” I must say, this is not my favorite, their newer campaigns haven’t come close to last year’s White Wedding campaign starring Kate Moss, and shot by Nick Knight. Their newest video, Love Me Tender . . . Or Else, is definitely amusing, but unlike their other campaigns that highlight the lingerie in an artistic way, I felt this video was made by boys for boys. Nonetheless, the lingerie is sexy as ever and with Valentine’s Day so close, you may want to start saving your pennies for some new A.P.

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One Response to “Agent Provocateur Presents: “Love Me Tender . . . Or Else””

  1. BLB BLB says:

    OMG! SO HAWT Right NOW! WOW! I would however like to see a model with a tad more junk in said trunk, ya feel me?


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