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“A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet”

How to Grow Black Roses on SlamxHype

How to Grow Black Roses on SlamxHype

Though, black roses don’t naturally occur in nature, they are not any less beautiful.  Loaded with meaning, the black rose most commonly signifies death and mourning and were commonly used at funerals.  SlamxHype just posted an article by We Are False on how to make your own black roses and I had to see what process was involved.  Surprisingly, it looks pretty easy and I definitely want to try it.  I think the hardest part will be actually growing the roses in the first instance.  Alas, I didn’t inherit my grandmother’s green thumb, but maybe I’ll have a black one?


Republished from We Are False

How to Grow Black Roses
Has the Gothic gardener in you always longed for a deep, dark rose, but been disappointed to find that there are simply no black roses? Well your longing is over, as this article will teach you how a simple science experiment you learned in school can give you a wonderfully deathly rose.

Plant dark red roses in partial shade. This will not work properly with light colored roses. Make root dye by mixing one teaspoon of black food coloring with 5 cups of water. Water the roses with the root dye once every two weeks, aiming for the center of the shrub. Repeat as needed.

It will take about a month for the dye to start showing up in the buds. Wait until the blooms are fully opened before you decide whether you should increase the amount of root dye used. In a couple of months, you should be able to sustain perfectly dark roses suited to your taste. Enjoy your roses. These are the perfect addition to a Gothic garden.

Don’t limit yourself to just black roses. Plant some white roses and try experimenting with different colors.
The smaller the rose bush, the less dye you’ll need and the sooner it’ll show up in the flowers. People will generally be scared if you give them a black rose. Unless they know you and your personality, they might avoid you.

DO NOT plant the roses in direct sunlight! The heat from the dark color will FRY your roses. The plants will get enough heat and light through the slightly darker foliage. Be careful with that root dye! Remember food coloring is DESIGNED TO STAIN, and the paste is concentrated. If you get it all over your skin it can end up looking like a big nasty purple bruise.

Don’t try to make root dye with any kind of paint or fabric dye, these will kill the poor roses.

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