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51st Grammy Awards Promo Artwork

51st Grammy Awards Promo Artwork featuring Rihanna

51st Grammy Awards Promo Artwork featuring Rihanna

I’m diggin’ the new promotional artwork for the upcoming 51st Grammy Awards. It’s good to see the Grammy people using design techniques that are a little more up to date, as opposed to some of the dated looks they’ve used in the past.

The above portrait of Rihanna, contains text from song titles from a list of at least 15 songs that inspired her, including the Destiny’s Child songs: “Say My Name,” “Bills, Bills, Bills,” “Survivor,” “Independent Women” and “Lose My Breath.”

The art will be featured on billboards, TV spots and online campaigns worldwide.

Check out other Grammy artwork of Stevie Wonder, Lil Wayne, Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Lenny Kravitz at

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  1. Nina P says:

    Wow that would be an amazing collection of art work to collect.


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