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Yana Handbags: “Sexy At All Times”

Ayana Evans is both a painter and accessories designer behind the YANA handbag collection. YANA handbags are leather collectibles that add beauty and whimsy to any outfit. Each bag features luxury details such as 18k plated hardware, tie dye suede lining, butter soft leathers, and hand sewn bows on every label. The bags are feature simple designs with great fabrications and details that make them the kind of bags that would work with lots of different looks. I love the versatility of the styles and the fact that the belt bags can be worn several ways. And, it’s probably no surprise that my favorite detail of them all is the “bamboo” doorknocker hardware.

YANA handbags are made with a conscious effort to minimize their carbon footprint: They often use re-purposed leathers to limit their waste contribution and vegetable dyed skins. In addition, YANA strives to create socially conscious handbags that cater to various charities including The American Cancer Society and The Brotherhood/Sister Sol. Yana handbags are affordable luxuries that not only look good, but are made with a conscience and give back to society. These days it’s not enough to create good product, companies that are socially responsible are definitely ahead of the pack.  Read the full story to see more styles.

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