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Worship Worthy Holiday ’08

Worship Worthy has launched the follow-up Holiday collection to their debut season.  The new line features printed tees, leggings, bodysuits, and sequins galore.  The tees are cute and include the logo variety, as well as homages to high fashion icons like Vivienne Westwood and Yves Saint Laurent.  The sequin pieces include a pair of leggings and a bodysuit that zippers down the front (very sexy!).  The pieces are interchangeable and layer in way that is nonchalant but very chic.  The sequins add the right amount of glitz to your glam. In addition to the clothing, Worship Worthy teamed up with Devout Dolls to create Lin & Ling the cutest, straight-jacketed twins I’ve ever seen.

The look book is shot beautifully by Olivia Malone and I like the props, especially the mask, bows, veils and black roses.  Balloons are also featured:  I’ve seen so many balloons in look books lately I’m beginning to think balloons are the new black. Check out more pictures from the look book after the jump.  The pieces are available on the WW Web Shop, Cultist Shop, The Reed Space (NY) and Bauhaus (HK).

All images shot by Olivia Malone

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