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We Got The Beat: Beyonce’s Futuristic Frocks in Her New Vid “Diva”

Gareth Pugh SS09

This video is all about the wardrobe for me. The song is second in my opinion. I actually have never listened to the song all the way through until I watched the video. For some reason I could never get through the opening of the song, there’s something about it that irritates me instantly…oh well thankfully Beyonce’s wardrobe makes-up for that. Those metal fringe shades…I swear to gawd a version just landed on Canal St. as I’m typing this. The wardrobe roster includes Brian Lichtenberg, Franc Fernandez for Brian Lichtenberg, and Gareth Pugh to name a few.

See more of Beyonce’s year 3000 wardrobe and behind the scenes video after the jump!

Franc Fernandez for Brian Lichtenberg

Brian Lichtenberg

The most loved and hated fringe shades…designer unkown…at the moment

And another unkown…Looks like the fancy work of The Blondes to me but can’t confirm

And some behind the scenes footage…

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4 Responses to “We Got The Beat: Beyonce’s Futuristic Frocks in Her New Vid “Diva””

  1. Tart says:

    You had me at ‘Gareth Pugh’.

    This possibly rounds up why Beyonce made my fave things of 2008 list. The wardrobe crew is working overtime to say the least.

  2. shandenn says:

    yeah, i had to turn the sound off to make it through, but i couldnt stop watching…

  3. creolesugar says:

    the bless way of life
    Style File – up-to-the-instant reports from fashion’s front lines: New York, Milan, Paris, and beyond. – Mon, 09/29/2008 – 12:28

    Most designers on the Paris fashion week schedule wouldn’t opt to serve their guests beer and pretzels in a courtyard and ask a group of friends to pose motionless in a stairwell modeling the collection. Then again, Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss of Bless aren’t exactly the Paris fashion week norm. From the stellar metal fringe sunglasses (we’re predicting lots of exposure in upcoming magazine spreads) and the leather ankle-tie sandals for guys and girls to bright red netted anoraks and even a set of bed sheets imprinted with an image of a lake, unpredictability was the order of the day. Also included in the Sunday-night presentation were updated product reeditions, among them bejeweled cable coverings, mixed-material necklaces, and chair coverings. All of which reinforced the idea that Bless isn’t so much about a theme for each season as it is a way of life. —Linlee Allen

  4. creolesugar says:

    Seems like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez have more in common than being entertainers, entreprenuers and role models to young women all over the world, you see they also have the same sense of fashion..because Beyonce is rocking the same Mermaid Dress by Thierry Mugler that Jennifer Lopez wore a decade ago!


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