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The NYC FILA “Melrose” Launch Party With Nina Sky

On my most recent trip to NYC I managed to get out and about and hit up the FILA launch party for their “Melrose” sneaker. This MissBehave sponsored event had the people lined up down the block…in the rain. Big thanks to Christine from MissBehave, good looking out lady! Radio Rose held things down and provided a most excellent soundtrack for the night. All the ladies where in the house this night…ATWG, Female Sneakerfiend, Highsnobette, Bubblegum Pony and Erin from MadeMe. And of course Nina Sky. These ladies do the damn thing! More beautiful in person they held the crowd at attention as they preformed…they even got the people to “put your hands up in the air”. Um, I was busy videoing, so I opted to not “put my hands up” but enjoyed the evening nonetheless.

The Melrose in action!

See more picts, nails did and videos of the ladies of Nina Sky doing the damn thing…including their version of the Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams”, sooooo hot!

Merrill, the lady behind the designing of the “Melrose” and a friend rock’n ’em riiiiiiiiiight!

The ladies of Female Sneakerfiend, Samia of Highsnobette and I strike a pose.

Nails Did!!!! Boys geek out over video games…us gals over nails!

Erin of MadeMe and thee Radio Rose!

The ladies of Nina Sky dipped in MadeMe!

Nina Sky gets the party started!

Nina Sky performing “On Some Bullshit”

The ladies doing their version of the Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams”

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2 Responses to “The NYC FILA “Melrose” Launch Party With Nina Sky”

  1. I definitely missed YET another great event..I LOVE THE LADIES FROM FSF & Of course MISS!

  2. BLB BLB says:

    LADY!!! Would love to meet you “IRL” one of these days…you know MISS luvs TBA! xoxo


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