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Play On Playa: Casette Playa X Nike Blazer Release TMRRW!

Since Carrie Mundane’s SS08 runway show “Future Primative” for her lifestyle brand, Cassette Playa, we’ve been wondering: “When, When, When?!?!?” When will those Nike Blazers be available for the mass market or at least those few that have the “right” connects or in this case have access to a Tier 0 Nike account. The collaboration between Cassette Playa and Nike has been hot in the streets and tomorrow, Dec. 13th the UK release will be happening at the CP x Nike Pop Up Shop at Nike 1948 Space, which will include new limited edition and archive pieces from Cassette Playa.

11:​30 – 6PM
@ NIKE 1948 space​ LDN
477 – 478 Batem​ans Row, Shore​ditch​,​ EC2 3HH
(off Curta​in Road.​ Liver​pool/​ Old St. tube)

The US release has been pushed back a week, sorry ya’ll!, so we’ll have to wait until next Saturday the 20th to get ours stateside….practice patience.

Watch here as Ms. Mundane speaks about her collabo with Nike:

Cassette Playa X Nike Blazer from Amazing Grace on Vimeo.

Find out where you can get yours, read my thoughts and see more pictures after the jump!

Now, when I first saw these I was a little surprised. I’d rock them…I am not shy with color, the brighter the betta fo’sho’ BUT I have to say I expected a little bit more. With Carrie Mundane’s wild patterns/graphics/pixel worlds, color mash up’s, I would think something would have come about that might have been more visually stimulating and texturally appealing. I do understand there are limitations with the design process, which can be utterly frustrating! And although transformable sneakers with built in speakers blaring techno music…a walking rave if you will, might be asking too much (I’m sure Ms. Mundane thought about how that could work too)…I just hoped for a touch more…glow-in-the-dark “invisible” laces? Something.

Available at these global locations:
Dover​ St Marke​t Ldn + Colet​te Paris + Slam Jam IT + NSW Tokyo +

Available Dec 20th at the following US Locations:


Nike Sportswear @ 21 Mercer
21 Mercer Street
New York, NY 10013

Nike Sportswear @ The Montalban
1615 Vine Street
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Nike’s design team has combined with UK-based creative icon Carri Mundane to give the iconic Blazer a Cassette Playa-style remastering.

Being Nike’s first hoop shoe, the Blazer has recently been embraced by other cultures including skaters – a point not lost in Carri’s creative process. “The Blazer’s adoption within the skate community made this the perfect shoe for the project. The colors reference the faded neon’s of 80’s skate culture. For the materials imagine the shoes came from a toxically mutated lizard = sci-fi pimp. We’ve left only a circle and triangle for the wearer to decode.”

The Cassette Playa Blazer was first created for Carri’s Spring/Summer 2008 “Future Primitive” runway show, a show that was inspired by Carri’s concept of “urban shamanism.” As Carri explains it, “urban shamanism” a way of thinking that is summarized in her unique style for the season – “Ancient Amazonian hunting rituals adapted by a gang of skaters in a post apocalyptic city”.

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