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Philly Love: Magick Outlaw x Fleathers x R.E.Load Exclusive M.I.S.S. Giveaway!

GiveItAway, GiveItAway, GiveItAway Now! And that’s what we’re trying to do…Give all this lovely stuff from our favorite Philly friends away. We’ve teamed up with Philly’s finest: Magick Outlaw, R.E.Load Bag Co., Fabric Horse and Fleathers By Linda Smyth in the “Philly Love Give-Away!”. Being that this is the “Philly Love” contest, our friends have come up with some Philly based trivia, test your knowledge and google skills in finding the correct answers to the following three questions and then impress us with your creativity and ill lyrical talents in coming up with two lines of a song based on Philly. Two winners will be choosen and will receive a goody box to include: a pair of earrings, one bag and 3 t-shirts! Who doesn’t love free stuff!

All entries must be in by Sunday, December 28th, midnight PST.  Send your entries to with “Philly Love” as the subject.

1. Whose statue was denied a permanent location atop the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum because it was deemed by the cities Arts Commission that the statue was not actually a work of art but a movie prop?

2. Years before her role as Samantha on Sex and the City, Kim Cattrall starred alongside Andrew McCarthy as an ancient Egyptian princess reincarnated in 1987 center city Philadelphia in which
classic romantic comedy?

3. Name a musician/artist/group from Philadelphia that you actually like.

In the interest of helping us write a song about Philadelphia, write down what you think of when you think about Philadelphia. The only requirements are that it has to be two lines, and the two lines have to rhyme.

Read about all the companies and see close-ups of all the goodies after the jump!

R.E.Load Baggage Company was started up exactly 10(!) years ago by Roland Burns and Ellie Lum, a couple of Philly bike messengers distressed by their inadequate messenger bags. After figuring out their ideal bags, of course everyone else wanted one and new careers in sewing were launched. In the time since elapsed, messenger bags seem to have become a dime a dozen–although I can’t imagine any others look half as good as R.E.Loads’. They boast 9,430,344 possible colorways, and that doesn’t even start to take into account the ridiculous applique & graphic work that adorns their custom work. Seriously, you can get lost for hours in the galleries on their website. And as if all this wasn’t enough, all of their production is done entirely in house in Philly, meaning quality is exceptional and customization is always an option.

Not only was Carrie Collins featured on the cover of the recent Philadelphia CityPaper style issue, she’s also the CityPaper’s reigning #1 fashion designer. One might assume that someone over there’s simply got a thing for her, but for the fact that her label Fabric Horse is a blatant testament to well-deserved accolades. Besides custom costuming experiments, Fabric Horse turns out a ridiculously futuristic collection of utility belts, fanny-packs, spats & backpacks for the ultimate fashion adventurer. She describes her style as “tough ‘n classy” and lists watching waxed canvas wear as among her current passions.

Magick Outlaw is the fashion arm of Joel Peterson and Pete Whitney’s Outlaw Print Company. They are remotely well-known for their output of spellbindingly interesting t-shirts, as well as a minor assortment
of ventures into other aspects of the apparel and accessory super-worlds. With every project touched with just the perfect amount of raw excitement, it’s a pretty reliable bet that you can enjoy Magick Outlaw.

Several years ago, Linda Smyth roared into Philly off the I-95 imagination super-highway northbound and got straight to work burning her bold imprint directly into our world of fashion. Which sure marked a victory for excitement, because her triumvirate of lines–Fleathers by Linda Smyth, Rabid Fox, & Choleeta–make sure accessorizing any outfit is artfully electric. Armed with an inherent aesthetic that balances perfectly the organic world of crafty bedroom secrets with the neon dreams of glamorous statement-makers, Linda’s jewelry has become the staple for every outfit of all Philly girls. And with each piece made by hand and relating its own subtle tale, there’s fortunately no need to worry about repetition. When she’s not adorning bodies, Linda enjoys mopeds, chihuahuas, and co-running the vintage/handmade dreamland boutique Topstitch.

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  1. Gabriella GDK says:

    I saw a dude on TMZ wearing the Magick Outlaw “Warriors” tee last night!


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