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Merci! M.I.S.S. Thanks Wrecords By Monkey

Big thanks to the box of love sent to us from Monkey of Wrecords! Made of 100% reclaimed vinyl records, each bracelet is hand-made and no two are the same. The Wrecords collections range from earrings, to necklaces and all sorts of goodies in between. All items are made in BK all day everyday. Thank’s again!!!

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One Response to “Merci! M.I.S.S. Thanks Wrecords By Monkey”

  1. Yanna Beau says:

    Monkey is amazing! I went to FIT with this guy in the city and he was selling his pieces then, they were always beautiful and always a must have! Such a small world man, but it is great to see FIT grads doing well :)


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