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Louis, Louis: We Love Sprouse Site Launch

In anticipation of the second coming of the Stephen Sprouse x Louis Vuitton collection, a new site was launched called We Love Sprouse that has everything you would every want to know about the partnership between the luxury goods company and the artist/fashion designer.  From runway show footage of the original collection, look book of the new collection and interviews with Marc Jacobs, you can learn more about the project, the artist and the amazing new products to come.  The site has a lot of personality and does a good job of bringing the project to digital life.  From videos, to a boom box with some of Sprouse’s favorite tunes, you really get a sense of the world that Stephen Sprouse lived in.  I can’t wait for this collection to drop.  The neon glow in the dark treatment is pretty crazy and I’ve never seen anything like that for LV.  My favorite pieces from what I’ve seen are the heels and the jewelry.  I’m not really a leggings girl, but I even like the leggings.  If you want to check out some of the video interviews and see more of the collection, read the rest of the story.

We Love Sprouse: Marc Jacobs Interview:

We Love Sprouse: R. & M. Padilha:

We Love Sprouse: Jeffrey Deitch:

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