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LeSportsac Spring 2009 – New Goodies Sneak Peak!

The good folks over at LeSportsac were kind enough to send us some goodies as a sneak peak of some new products they’ll be releasing, in addition to their iconic nylon ripstop bags.  Known for generating great new graphic prints each season, LeSportsac is applying their prints to new canvases including notebooks and portable “Boom Box” speakers!  Now, your notebook can look as good as the rest of your get up.  And, the speakers!  They’re adorable, portable, and most importantly, they work!  No word yet on when exactly they drop, but they’ll be out for spring! Stay tuned . . . (pun intended)!

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One Response to “LeSportsac Spring 2009 – New Goodies Sneak Peak!”

  1. Linda says:

    *GASP* I’m so glad I haven’t bought new speakers yet. I can not wait!


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