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A ‘Perfecto’ Match: Jeremy Scott x Schott Leather Jackets

Photo via Hint Mag

Oh Jeremy Scott how do I love thee! Just when you think, “Yo! He can’t get more off the wall!”, Jeremy Scott goes and Troll-a-fies a traditional Toile du Juoy pattern (Troille du Juoy?) and puts it on a leather jacket. Wow. And as expected this just isn’t any leather jacket. The art of collaborations these days is working with the “originals” and when it comes to motorcycle jackets that would be Schott. Schott is an American owned and operated company with 90 years of history in NYC. Most famous for their “Perfecto”, the first zippered leather motorcycle jacket, Jeremy Scott has taken that style and made it his own. From protecting WWII “fly boys”  to influencing that Bad Boy look rocked so well by the likes of Marlon Brando and James Dean, Schott jackets are an important part of American and fashion history. This pièce de résistance is part of Jeremy Scott’s “Let Them Eat Gas” Collection and can be yours this SS09. Available for the ladies and the gents. Can we say matchy matcherton?

See more styles (my fav is the polka dots!) and a little fashion history after the jump!

Marlon Brando perfectly rockin’ that “Perfecto” in “The Wild Ones”

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