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Gettin’ Funky with Funky Fanny’s

I manage to make it out to BK while on my monthly NYC visit…I don’t know why that seems like a task to me, I know it’s not really that far. But when there’s vintage involved, there is no distance too far, rain, sleet or snow, I am there! ATWG teamed up with BK’s vintage vixen, Serci aka Funky Fanny’s to throw a little vintage sale extravaganza at the Pillow Cafe. Radio Rose provided the soundtrack for the night (I know I’ve said that before but that IS what she does!) and the ladies shopped! My connection to Serci goes back a couple of years ago. While on the hunt in Las Vegas we crossed paths at Savers, the thrift department store. If was the friendliest of encounters, believe me there is plenty of the goods to go around. We chatted briefly and that was that, until this event. Happy to be reconnected!

Serci aka The Funky Fanny and her homegirl.

See more funky fanny’s and the vintage after the jump!

Rose and I…YO, I think the vintage had me under it’s control…possessesd by the vintage? I think yes.

CubAnnie Links with the light, light eyes…also possessed by the vintage.

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