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Fo’ Real Though: Dramatel, The Almost Ilegal Phone Card

oh, damn! Just when you thought you’ve seen it all. I swore I was watching some sorta SNL short when a friend sent me this video. Just waiting for Justin Timberlake to pop up with his junk inna box or something but that never happened. And it just seemed too real, too serious and sure enough it is. Dramatel is the “Almost Ilegal Phone Card”. Marketed towards those who want to catch a cheating spouse/BF/GF, catch those who are avoiding your calls, or tricking people into thinking your somewhere your not. Apparently the card can manipulate your number that shows up on the receivers phone, change your voice to sound like a man or women (WTf?), oh, the list goes on. Dr. Drama can show you the way with his tutorial. Don’t know about you but sounds like you might be asking for mo’ drama with this one. Fo’ real though, what are they gonna think of next.

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One Response to “Fo’ Real Though: Dramatel, The Almost Ilegal Phone Card”

  1. Ms. Krish says:

    You know what application they got on iPhone? Hide A Caller! That’t so you can trick a snooping spouse into thinking that “Jane” the hot girl from work is really “Jack” the homie from the bar. Triflin’! And I think that Dramatel and this App are cohorts because of the iPhone plug in Dramatel’s infomercial.

    Ladies and Gents, if you need this for relationship security, leave now!


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