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Chanel – My New Guitar Hero

There’s so much going around in the “Rock Band” and “Guitar Hero” turf wars but Chanel’s guitar is no match for those reindeer games.  For Spring 2009, Chanel is releasing a black matte acoustic guitar shown on the runway with a flamenco-inspired, tiered, ruffle dress.  The guitar would not be compelte without a case – a white leather quilted case, that is.  And can we talk about the fingerless gloves the model holding the guitar case is wearing.  I want a close up, knowing Karl, those are not plain back buttons  . . . small camelias perhaps??  Whatever it is, this guitar makes me want to learn how to strum some chords.  Check out the gloves and the case after the jump.

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One Response to “Chanel – My New Guitar Hero”

  1. BLB BLB says:

    oh, that would look great with my Chanel Basket Ball 😉


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