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Brian Lichtenberg SS09

One word: under-boob…or is that two? Regardless, leave it to Brian Lichtenberg to work under-boob into his SS09 collection. Debuting at this past L.A. Fashion Week, BL offered a collection which included his signature patched together wonders, including a full body stocking that my body is craving to be encased in, a bandage/bondage dress that my own personal under-boob is desperate to peep out of, neck pieces as part of a collaborative effort with Alex & Chloe and headpieces that would have made Isabella Blow proud by L.A.’s Franc Fernandez.

Untitled from Brian Lichtenberg on Vimeo.

Litchenberg has been on the rise and seems to be continuing in that direction. Dressing the likes of M.I.A., Katy Perry, Santogold, Yelle, Lady GaGa and even Mz. Beyonce is found rocking BL in her latest video “Diva”. Yeah, I’d say he’s doing alright.

See his entire SS09 Collection, including under-boob after the jump!

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