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Bond No.9: Holiday Tokens of Affection

Bond No. 9 is known for its ultra-luxurious, New York City inspired fragrances and perfume flacons that sometimes seem a bit unattainable. This holiday season, I’m excited to introduce Bond No. 9’s “recession-proof” Holiday 2008 collection that includes brand new, totally glam, NYC-inspired gift ideas! The first two items are perfect for the girl-on-the-go that may want to re-up on her scent as the day goes on. First, there’s the perfume “token,” a nostalgia-laden circular “token” as a solid-perfume compact, containing your choice of six of our most sought-after eaux de parfum. Stashed in its own perfect little white leather zipper case, it’s so street-smart it’ll glide through any turnstile. The compact’s refillable; the zipper case will lead a double life as a carry-case for rings, earrings, and lapel pins. The Perfume Token retails for $85 and is available in the following scents: Andy Warhol Union Square, Chelsea Flowers, Chinatown, Nuits de Noho, The Scent of Peace or Wall Street.

If a traditional spray is more your style, and if you want a bouquet of mini-bond scents to choose from, the All-Around-Town pocket spray is perfect for you. Each mini spray is wrapped in the trademark foil and are perfect for slipping into an evening clutch bag, with plenty of room to spare. The best part? They’re refillable. The set of 8 retails for $130.

Bond No. 9 does just have your body smelling divine, it’s got your home covered as well.

Bond No. 9 introduces the soap box, dainty little soap bars dressed in Bond No. 9’s colorful signature foils that display delectable pleats and the Bond No. 9 NYC logo as a centerpiece. In keeping with it’s subway theme, the soap boxes—displaying a field of Bond No. 9 “tokens” on an ivory background—are beguiling in their own right. The set retails for $95 and includes Chelsea Flowers, Chinatown, Eau de New York and The Scent of Peace. If a set of 4 is over-the-top for you, you can buy the soap bars individually.

Finally, the New York’s Bright Lights, To Go—The Voyager Candles set is the perfect travel candle set. Bond No.9 is constantly praised for the fine-ness of their scented candles, which smell every bit as exquisite as their eaux de parfum. Now they’re introducing traveler candles, sized to stow in a suitcase. Think of them as ambiance-enhancing New York neighborhood souvenirs. A five-pack of thier most popular scents (Chelsea Flowers, Chinatown, Eau de New York, Nuits de Noho and The Scent of Peace), each bearing the Bond No. 9 “token,” retails for $95.

I love the nostalgia of the subway tokens – I actually remember using them in NYC and there’s a romance about them that metrocards just dont’ capture. Each of these products are perfect as stocking stuffers (for the high rollers) or as holiday gifts. I know that they are now officially part of my holiday wish list. Now, if only I could choose a neighborhood scent. . . I have to say, I keep waiting for “Hells Kitchen!” Bond No. 9, whenever you’re ready for the heat, let me know!

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