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Andrea Crews SS09: Sunset Empire

Never a disappointment. The SS09 collection from the design collective, Andrea Crews, entitled “Sunset Empire” takes you on a journey of vivid color, upside-down jackets turned hammer pants, multiple tank tops forming like Voltron and faux hair incorporated as design details. The collective is led by Maroussia Rebecq, who along with a troop of stylists, illustrators, musicians, video directors and performers join to create a visual display of wearable art presented via performances, events and videos. With no boundaries or restrictions, Andrea Crews truly represents art in it’s truest form: creativity, experimentation and independence. The SS09 Collection is described as the following:

The Sunset Empire collection for SS09 manifests the will to build a parallel world. It is a tribute to the sunset, from dusk to dawn when something ends and something begins. A gang of galactic amazons, cosmic printed patterns, deep colors, unstable forms, sensual materials, hair and sequins.

As with every collection, the feeling of survival comes to mind. Using mainly recycled materials, Andrea Crews presents apparel formed and shaped by existing objects. An 80’s silk satin bomber jacket doesn’t just have to be just that, flip it up side down, a little stitch here and you’ve got yourself some rather fashionable pants. Take four tank tops, sew them together to create a romper that could be worn multiple ways. Wigs as shoulder coverings…why the hell not? The basis of clothing is to protect. Andrea Crews provides the people with design focused, earth conscious protective layers. When we find ourselves facing the end of days and the planet turns “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome“, I hope to be dipped in Andrea Crews.

View the entire SS09 lookbook collection after the jump!

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