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Women Making History/Art HERstory: Mitsy Ávila Ovalles

I came across the art of Mitsy Avila Ovalles via the wonderful world of MySpace a few years back and I’ve been wanting to do a feature on her ever since.

Before I get into her art, I want to let you all know that this lady seriously has one of the most amazing MySpace pages in the history of MySpace pages. If you have yet to see it, check it out. I guarantee you’re never seen anything like it before (and if you have they’re probably biting her style!).

Mitsy’s fine art pieces are amazing end products of growing up in a Mexican household cemented in California soil. Her work, is layered with elements of Mexican pop culture, with references to JuanGa [the Mexican Elton John—only a lot more talented], pan dulce, Menudo, the LA Dodgers and numerous icons from novelas.

Viewed online, Mitsy’s work appears grimy in texture yet feminine in essence—a nice balance for a M.I.S.S. girl‘s taste!

In her digital work, Mitsy’s female subjects are portrayed in bold colors and they are heels & kicks, bamboos, lips and a whole lotta hips yet she can flip it and draw a hard lookin’ E-40 or Eazy-E.

Here’s what Mitsy had to say, in a recent email exchange we had, about her plans for the near future:

I’ll be spending some winter months in Mexicali to paint for a group show come next March at FIFTY24SF, catch some baseball Caribbean series games and Mexicali “Soles” basketball games, spoil my ahijados [godsons] and eat some delicious Chinese food and Mariscos [Mexican seafood…yum!]. Oh! A friend and rad artist Shizu Saldamando recently hit me up about designing a Poketo wallet. She was asked to curate a series from various artists. I’m psyched about that because I’m not very resourceful so I’ve never had ANYTHING mass produced (not even like prints…oh I did have buttons once) anyway…yeah, so buy one once they come out so I don’t end up in the sad clearance rack (I don’t know when they’ll be printed up).

In the past, Poketo’s artist series of wallets have featured the art of Hannah Stouffer, Andrew Jeffrey Wright and Greg Lamarche, just to name a few, so this is a pretty exciting step for Mitsy and fans of her work! We’ll have her keep us posted about when those drop.

For now, check out Mitsy’s hand-written interview below and take a step into this artist’s world, after the jump!

…what did I say? There are the hips!

A piece from her “Dos de Tres Caidas” series of 8 (2007)

A pan dulce [Mexican sweet bread] piece with embroidery (yea, she does that, too).

A digital collabo $NAKE EYE$ (MiTSY & RAMO).

Her work’s awesome, right?! Anyone an instant fan? If so, you’re in luck! Mitsy’s got a “Shake-Down” sale going on over on her site. Here’s what she’s got to say about the sale:

I’ve had a “store” section on my website since I went live with it, but I’ve yet to come up with a way to take your money. In an attempt to “stack paper,” in order to fund winter months spent painting in Mexicali, taking in the 2009 Serie del Caribe and eating the best Chinese food…I’m having a moving sale. If you’d like to help me realize my dreams :), take a look at this super reduced price list and see if there’s anything you care for. These are some of my most favorite ever, that I’ve held onto for nostalgic reasons. I take cash and if it clears first, personal checks. If need be and upon request, I’ll look into hitting the switches on my paypal to receive payments.

Now, let’s step into Mitsy’s world…

Mitsy’s work area…Anyone up for a game of I Spy?!

Mitsy’s work area from a different angle. The Patron Saint of Cuteness, Lady Hello Kitty, sits surrounded by the tools of the trade: pencils, brushes and markers galore!

…and her garage work area…

Some of Mitsy’s favorite things…can’t hate on that dookie chain!

A glimpse into Mitsy’s room…The Selby needs to do a feature on this room and it’s amazingness!

The answer to the age old question: Heels or Kicks?

Cue the music! “Bag Lady…you gone hurt your back…”

A digital piece for Lobe Riders Jewelry

How cool is the splash page to Mitsy’s website (above)?! Not only was every element to the site created by the artist herself, it gives us a sense that this lady is a creative through and through!

Click on the image above to experience Mitsy’s website for yourself.

K.I.T. with Mitsy and stay up with all her happenings through any of the following links:$nake_Eye$xxx

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5 Responses to “Women Making History/Art HERstory: Mitsy Ávila Ovalles”

  1. Wendy wen says:

    Mitsy you are the fucken shit!!!!!!

  2. MeltheMost says:

    Iv had the luxury of being Mitsys Myspace Friend for the past like 3 years… she is an AMAZING artist,…. I wish I had half that girls talent….. VivaMitsy!


  3. mari says:

    this girl is ILL. thanks miss crew for introducing me to Misty’s work, i love it. i have indeed become an instant fan

  4. iran cazares ovalles says:

    hola mitzy soy iran tu prima de mexicali esta super padre todo lo k haces haber kuando puedes pintar a mi hija jajajajajajajajaja saludos desde la ciudad mas kaluroso del mundo MEXICALI


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