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What Do We Want? Small Sizes! When Do We Want It? Now!

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Girrrrrls, there’s only one thing worse than a pair of kicks being sold out, and that’s the shoe not being available in your size in the first place!  Most of the shoes that I like and want are never sized down small enough for my little feet.  No quickstrikes, no tier zeros, no limited-edition fill-in-your-favorite-sneaker-company here.  What’s a girl to do??  Sign the Female Sneaker Fiend Petition! FSF has a petition going to show support for offering men’s kicks in smaller size runs so that women can have the same chance to get those kicks that we all want, but can’t have.  Here’s what Female Sneaker Fiend says:

De la souls? Stussy 25th Anniversary’s? Sole Collector event colorways? As if these sneakers aren’t hard enough to find, how about finding them in a size 5? Why is it that the hottest sneakers, the most fashionable and creative, are coming out only in men’s sizes? Why is it that anyone under a men’s US7 is considered a “youth”? Women are sneaker enthusiasts just like their male counter-parts, and it’s unfair to us that the hottest new sneakers don’t size down small enough. We hunt just as hard as the men, we wait in lines that are just as long, we pay just as much money, and yet more often than not many of us end up disappointed because companies don’t size small enough and disregard catering to women when limited editions come out. As if that isn’t bad enough, some of the nicest boutiques don’t even carry the smaller sizes, even when they’re made!

Not all women who love sneakers are tag-alongs for their boyfriends. We should be able to have the same opportunity to collect and purchase sneakers just like men. We all want the perfect kicks to add to our collection. We all want the same chances to expand our collections. Instead it’s a struggle to stand on our own as we travel from shop to shop and drop money into an industry that obviously does not bother to notice our growing numbers.

We who sign this petition want all the major sneaker brands to carry their most popular and most exclusive products in smaller sizes. We are not “youth,” we are grown women with killer sneaker collections. We can and will buy all the hottest stuff if it’s in our size.

Does that sound familiar? It’s an all too familiar story with me – that’s why I signed the petition, and you should too!  Sign the petition here and many good lookin’ out Female Sneaker Fiend!

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One Response to “What Do We Want? Small Sizes! When Do We Want It? Now!”

  1. illb says:

    this is too true. i’m tired of all the ill sneakers starting in 7.5. and THEN they make womens’s kicks in pink with flowers and stars. hello?? i’m a female, i’m not a princess. GET IT TOGETHER (especially NIKE!) i should sign this twice lol


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