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We Got The Beat: Fast Food Luvin’…R ‘n B All Ova Meeee!

I don’t get to watch too much T.V. these days. But while visiting my family for the Thanksgiving Holiday I had a bit of time to catch up on some of yee ole boob tube and nearly lost it when I say this commercial. I’m Luvin’ ITZ! Don’t be stingy with your 10 piece grrrrl, break your man off some…McNuggets People, McNuggets!!

So, this is where I admit to the world my genuine LUV for the R ‘n B jams. And so I’m thinking that maybe McDonald’s might have been inspired by Raheem Devaughn‘s jam from earlier this year, “Customer”. Watch it here (as all the codes for this vid are disabled on youtube, wtf? Raheem?) Compare me to an order of super sized fries anyday, hahaha! Just show me the man that can tell me “Let me serve you up…See your the customer, girl you can have it your way” and WATCH. OUT. NOW.

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