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Superfertile: The Hunger Collection

Kali Arulpragasam (aka M.I.A.’s sister), is the designer of Super Fertile, the politically-conscious jewelry line.  Each season, Kali chooses a different world issue from the caste system to terrorism, and addresses them in enlightening ways.  All of her jewelry is unique and each detail is deeply thought out.  Her pieces are the kind that make you stop and stare because they are unlike anything you’ve seen.  Super Fertile‘s newest collection is called “Hunger” and “is designed to raise awareness of the current food crisis.”  Kali crafted beads in precious metals in shape of staple foods such as rice, beans, sweet corn, nuts, black bean, lentil, chick pea, wheat and seeds.  The pieces are crafed in sliver and some are plated in gold “to symbolise how precious these staple foods are to starving countries in the battle against the rising cost of food.”  The pieces range from small subtle charms on chains to giant collar pieces and neck plates that are like armor for the modern day warrior.  I lover her pieces, and some of them are so exquisite as statement pieces, that I would want to wear little else.

True to her cause, Super Fertile is donating 7% of the profits to Oxfam to help in fighting world hunger.  Not only are these pieces amazing, but the concept behind them makes them all the more beautiful.  Kali says, “Everyone has the right to eat.”  We agree.  You can help promote the cause by purchasing her pieces at Kabiri, Selfridges, and Euforia in London.  I hope she starts selling the pieces state-side soon, I love them!

All photos by Jannica Honey

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