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STRANGEBEAUTIFUL Library of Nail Color

STRANGEBEAUTIFUL is the newest speciality nail color company to produce a library of non-toxic nail polish. Unlike other nail laquers, STRANGEBEAUTIFUL was created around the concept of nail color as an accessory, one with a rich hue, deeply saturated and much more than just plain old nail polish.  Their creative approach to nail color is inspired by things ranging from Ettore Sottass‘s red valentine typewriter to Josef Albers’ color theory.  Each season, a new library of color will be created, only to be replaced the following season with new must have colors.  The STRANGEBEAUTIFUL color library is packaged and sold as a set exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman for $79.  I’m loving the atypical color range and the fact that the set is sold as a “library of color.”  The fact that it’s non-toxic, makes it even more appealing.  And, as far as luxury nail color, the price isn’t bad either for 8 colors.  I can’t wait to get this set!

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