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NYC: Toy2R Pop-Up Shop!

D.B.A. Brooklyn, New York’s newest lifestyle goods shop, has teamed up with Hong Kong-based vinyl toy company Toy2R to create a 10-day pop-up shop to celebrate the release of the latest toys from renowned artist Frank Kozik. Featuring his signature theme of characters with cigarettes and attitude, Frank Kozik’s latest 2.5″ Redrum Qee series, 2″ Potamus mini-figures, and just in time for the holidays, the Kozik Party Fun Pack of Merry Mini Bombs Twin Pack will be making their stateside pre-release debut to the public. Classic Kozik, and other Toy2R collectibles will also be available for this limited time engagement.

The Pop-Up shop kicks off with a launch party featuring music from DJ Erick LaPeau, and DJ Ryo at the store on on Friday Nov. 6th from 6-11pm.

After the jump, check out the pre-release products that will be available at the pop-up shop. Remember! They will be the first and only shop to get these items before anyone else in the country, so be sure to breeze through early if you want to get your hands on em before anybody else!

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