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My Two Cents: The Levi’s “Onion Peel” Commercial

I came across this Levi’s ad online and was swept away by it immediately. It’s filmed “backwards” and takes you back through time in the day of a model. The ad starts at a fashion show and ends with a couple sharing an intimate moment, forgetting about the world around them, and lost in themselves. It’s called “The Onion” because you start at the end to peel back the layers to get to the core of the message, but after viewing it a few times, I think they should call it “The Kiss.” On a side note, this commercial seemed even better to me in light of the awfulness that Wrangler put out a few months ago.

Advertiser: Levi’s
Agency: Cutwater
Executive Creative Director: Chuck McBride
Creative Director: Marty Senn
Agency Executive Producer: Jennifer Golub
Production Company: HSI
Director: Michael Haussman
Director of Photography: Paul Laufer
Executive Producer: Michael McQuhae
Line Producer: Tim Kerrison
Production Designer: Richard LaSalle
Editorial Company: Mad River Post
Editor: Marco Perez
VFX: The Mill
VFX Producer: Helen Hughes
Music: Human
Rewind to a simpler time


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