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Mine Yours Vintage Sunglasses!

Jenny (made it Italy)

I love glasses – whether for seeing or for sun – they are one of my favorite accessories.  And, like diamonds, the bigger the better!  I especially love vintage glasses as they are of impeccable quality and the design, sigh, is just so much better than a lot of what’s on the market today.  I was so excited when I stumbled upon Mine Yours, a vintage sunglasses boutique on Etsy.  All of the sunglasses are vintage, and many of them are designer deadstock (vintage but brand new/never worn).  They are all in amazing condition and Mine Yours has designer brands including Esprit, Porsche Carrera, Renaissance, Anne Marie Perris (made in Italy), and Jenny (made in Italy). All of the glasses are under $100 and there are some steals from $10 to $20 too! Glasses are an excellent way to freshen up a look on a budget and with vintage you won’t have to worry about wearing the same thing as the girl next to you. All of the glasses on Mine Yours are so cute that I just want to scream, “Mine Mine!!”

Check out more of my favorite styles after the jump!

Revelli by Renaissance:
Revelli by Rennaissance
Vintage 70s gold framed glasses:
vintage gold frame
Porsche Carrera Olympia:
porsche carrera olympia
Anne Marie Perris (made in Italy):
anne marie perris

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