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MIMOBOT For The People! New Community Design MIMOBOT Flash Drive Series

MIMOBOT is an artistic line of character-based flash drives and they’ve given the “power to the people” by tapping the creative power of the MIMOBOT community. The six winning designs were selected from entrants to the Vimobot Design Contest and the winning designs are now available in the form of the VDC MIMOBOT Series of USB flash drives in 1GB ($24.95) to 8GB ($79.95) capacities. The VDC Series designers hail from the world over including the US, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates and each winner receives a cash prize and shipment of their design in MIMOBOT flash drive form. The MIMOBOTS are adorable and the fact that they are so useful makes them even more necessary in my life. I also love that MIMOBOT is reaching out to its fan base and giving their customers a chance to participate in the creative process – score on so many levels! You can get your MIMOBOT VDC Series here today!

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