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Introducing: The Dynasties

At Pitch Control’s Spring Preview, I had a chance to get a first look at The Dynasties, a jewelry collection by Rika Shimada of Let’s Talk Nails fame at Missbehave. The collection is a cute but solid collection consisting of pieces made from sterling silver, and a gold textile rope that looks very similar to the ubiquitous 80’s and 90’s dookie chain, but is actually more lightweight, and thus easier to wear.

After the jump, check out everything the Dynasties have to offer! We should see it start popping up in stores in Spring 2009, but until then, we’ll have to wait to see where.

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One Response to “Introducing: The Dynasties”

  1. mari says:

    wow this stuff is gorgeous! i didnt know this girl had her own line. am def. looking forward to purchasing some pieces.


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