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Giving Thanks By Giving Back

I believe it is not only important to give thanks, but it is also our responsibility as humans sharing this earth to help out others in need, especially since the state of our economy and the health of our planet are really beginning to show that if we go down, we all go down together. So on this day of thanks, perhaps you should take the time to give a listen, and see if you can manage to help out the homeless of New York. It’s getting really cold this time of year, and I can’t imagine what it would be like to live on the streets, or in a shelter, struggling to keep warm, healthy, and stay fed. It makes complaining about the heat in my apartment during the day being virtually non-existent seem whiny because at least I have a place to live. So I’m sharing with all you music lovers this shout out for help:

As we are approaching the holiday season, please consider purchasing or helping to promote the forthcoming CD from Heroes of the Dancefloor, “Torch,” released on INgrooves November 24th. Fusing old, new, and swing jazz with soulful vocals and mixing hip hop and dub influences, there is a little something for everyone on this album. In addition, every dime made will be donated to two homeless charities in New York City: ‘Picture the Homeless’ and ‘Coalition for the Homeless.’

“Torch,” is the second in a series by Heroes of the Dancefloor to benefit the homeless. The sophomore album follows up the acclaimed, “Momentum” which benefited two homeless charities in San Francisco. The next album will benefit the homeless of New Orleans.

When the founder of Heroes of the Dancefloor witnessed a very pregnant and crying woman on the streets begging for money, he new he had to do something. With his music connections and shear compassion, he gathered an excellent group of artists willing to donate their time and art for this worthy cause.
According to the annual report by the Coalition on Homelessness “New York has reached a new record for the number of homeless families living in our shelters. In this year alone the number of people living in homeless shelters has increased by 11% and the number of children has increased by 18% to over 14,000.”
Please sample the first single, “The Knack” as a totally free download here.

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