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Female Sneaker Fiend November Photo Contest – Get Out The House!

The ladies of Female Sneaker Fiend are hosting a fun November Photo Contest that involves you getting your favorite pair of kicks out of the house.  They’re tired of seeing you post up in front of your closet or line your shoes up on the floor – they want you to think “outside the shoe box.”  For the chance to win a FSF SNKR SQD t-shirt submit a photo of your kicks out on the town, or in nature, or somewhere just not in your abode!  If you don’t win, you can still get your FSF tee online here.  Check out the rules after the jump . . .

1. Take your sneakers out the house.
2. Take them somewhere you love.
3. Take their picture. (Or have someone else take it of you wearing them…)

Send it in, along with a brief explanation of where the shot was taken and why it’s important to you, to by December 1st. May the best photo win!

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