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Bond No.9 Holiday – Bejeweled Beauties!

The Crystallized Amphora, $3,500

Every year, Bond No.9 gives certain bottles the “Swarovski Treatment,” that is, they bejewel and bedazzle some of their most popular scents in Swarovski-covered flacons.  This holiday season the bottles are more beautiful than ever. First, the scent that got the annual “Swarovski Treatment” is Bleeker Street (a gourmand oriental mingling of patchouli, cassis, caramel, woods, and musk). The limited-edition 100ml lime green-chartreuse-amethyst-gold starburst watercolor flacon is studded, back and front, with a harlequinesque pattern of matching crystals with an extra-large green crystal front and center (photo below).

The second set of shiny, pretty things are the Swarovski “All Stars” – three favorite scents with the tiniest and most reflective of all the Swarovski stones—five thousand of them per 50ml bottle! The pearlized milk glass Eau de New York bottle (citruses-cyclamen-jasmine-vetiver) is studded with diamond-colored aurora borealis stones. Chelsea Flowers (peonies-magnolia-rose) is decked with emerald-colored stones. Chinatown (peach-gardenia-tuberose-sandalwood) features ruby-colored stones. These bottle are gorgeous and you can view the picture below.

The most stunning and breath-taking of the Bond No.9 Swarovski set is The Crystallized Amphora, an outsized 42 oz amphora vitrine, breathtakingly covered with 16,500 hand-applied platinum Swarovski stones. The Amphora’s crowning glory is an elliptical mirror with honeycomb base, and it wouldn’t be complete without the golden spigot. The best part is that you can fill The Crystalized Amphora with your choice among Bond No.9‘s 32 scents. This bejeweled beauty comes in a white patent leather gift case, also adorned with crystals.

Fragrance, by definition is luxurious, but I love how Bond No.9 continues to take decadence to new heights. These flacons are gorgeous and are works of art themselves, as much as the mesmerizing scents they contain. They make beautiful gifts or wonderful splurges for oneself. View the other bejeweled bottles after the jump.

The Swarovski All-Stars, $650

Bleecker Street Bejeweled, $395

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