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American Apparel Founder & CEO Dov Charney’s Legal Woes

Photograph: Gregg Segal/Corbis

Dov Charney made a name for himself and his brand American Apparel, in large part due to his provocative ad campaigns. So, it didn’t come as a surprise when most articles or interviews I read about him conveyed that he was a giant pervert. It came as less of a surprise when I heard that several sexual harassment suits had been filed against him. What was surprising, is the lengths that he would go through to clear his name.

He’s embroiled in a law suit that is questioning the legality of an arbitration agreement, between him and a woman he allegedly sexually harassed. The agreement called for the woman to receive $1.3 million and for her to clear Dov Charney’s name. It was basically designed to cover up the situation and not tarnish Charney. When the woman didn’t show up for the arbitration, appeals ensued and legality of the agreement itself was called into question.

I’ve met Dov Charney and he was cordial and he’s done amazing things with his company. But, I have to say, his perverted shenanigans are making me revisit whether I want to support his brand at all. Believe me, I love me some American Apparel tees, but at what cost? At what point does principle just trump a comfy tee? I wish that he would put the same zeal and effort that he brings to immigration issues to treating women with respect. What do you think?

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