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Ahoy Matey! Agent Provocateur Has Some New Pirate Booty!

Agent Provocateur, puts together some of the most innovative, beautifully made interactive experiences from White Wedding (created by Nick Knight) to their new collection, Pirate Provocateaur.  Inspired by pirates plundering booty at sea, the Pirate Provocateur collection features lingerie pieces in black with splashes of red.  The collection leather hot pants, to structured corsets and lacy slips.  The website was updated, complete with mini interactive film where you get to choose your way throughout the story.  It features naughty pirates clad in sexy Agent Provocateur lingerie.  Kate Moss is not the face of this campaign, instead, Helena Christensen is playing her “wicked games” for AP this season.  The collection is beautiful, and as always, I want it all.  I also really admire the way they market each campaign – it’s more than just pretty pictures.  They find great models and celebrities to be the face of their campaign, and AP always pushes the edge of technology.  View the Pirate Provocateur story here and check out a preview of the film and my favorite pieces after the jump.

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